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Pull-Over Hoodies VS. Zip-Up Hoodies, Who Reigns Supreme?

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Pull-Over Hoodies vs. Zip-Up (or zipper, if you’d prefer) hoodies is a classic debate in the fashion world that has been on-going for many, many years. That, amongst various other reasons, is why we are going to compare the two streetwear staples today in our blog on HoodBeast. I can’t promise you the answers sway, but I can give you passionate defense, detailed analysis and pros and cons for both sides. Maybe after you’ve read the blog you can pick a side yourself. Oh, and don't worry we also got you covered if you are looking for tips on how to design amazing custom t-shirts.


Sway doesn’t have the answers, and we might not either. But we’ll try Kanye.


Is it Summer, or is it Winter?


I’m not saying that you should restrict yourself to either one for a certain season, but it can’t be denied that both garments lend themselves to certain climates. The pull-over, for example, is ideal for cooler temperatures and will always have a place in a winter wardrobe; whereas the zip-up is versatile and can be used even in warmer weather. If you’re one of those people who serially manages to misinterpret how hot or cold it is by looking outside (just check your weather app folks) then the zip-up is perfect for those unexpected hot spells. Wear a nice tee underneath and you’ll be ready for anything.

Breezy feeling the summer’s breeze: Chris Brown pictured wearing a Marc Jacobs summer sleeveless/zip-up hoodie in Hollywood.


It’s a Style Thing (Design Potential + Preference)


Do you prefer to layer your garms or just opt for one simple look? When giving your hoodies a customized style, do you like varying and adaptable designs, or just one big mural? The answer to these questions depends majorly on which hoodie you might prefer. The zip-up lends itself to a different type set of design choices. You can apply two different designs on either side of the zip, or maybe just a small logo at the front with something bigger on the back. Conversely, pull-overs can be used as one big blank canvas in which to paint a nice shiny picture on. Some people like zip-ups because they can layer their outfit choice, with a logo tee underneath a half zipped monotone hoodie. Other people prefer a crisper look, with a pullover providing a more uniform and less messy presentation.  


No zip, one big design. Could you rock it like this dude?


Topping Up Your Look or Adding the Finishing Touch


What are you wearing? Sorry, we promise that’s not a cheap and vaguely inappropriate question. What you wear along with your hoodie is a big factor in deciding whether a zip-up or pullover would work best. Are you trying to accessorise and top up your outfit? A zip-up is perfect. Are you trying to round off an overall look and style? Go for the pull-over.   


A simple white tee under a plain black zip-up + skirt combo. Classy and understated.




A hoodie is a hoodie, and hoodies are always comfortable. But when you add a zip into the equation and thinner material, that level of comfort will be compromised. Pull-over hoodies are widely regarded as a much more comfortable fashion decision than zip-ups. Great for lounging in and almost certainly warmer than their zipper counterparts, if luxury and convenience is what you’re after, the pull-over should almost definitely be your number one choice.

It’s a dramatic sentiment, but you know..


Hairstyle, or lack thereof


This may sound unrelated to the subject at hand, but hear us out; how do you style your hair? Do you even style your hair at all? If you are the type of person who spends as much time grooming your hair as much as you spend deciding the perfect outfit choice, a pull-over is unlikely to ever be your best friend. If you’re ever in a position where you need to remove your hoodie, a zip-up gives you an easy out; but the pull-over is going to make your style suffer. If you commit to a pull-over, your hair style choices become severely restricted as a result. These are the simple but missable fashion choices you have to make to ensure your style works.

Pull-overs: Not for people who spend lots of time doing this.




If you’re going to be wearing your hoodie often, you need something durable. Unfortunately, just by the nature of zippers themselves, zip-up hoodies are less likely to last. Having a zip in the middle and using it on a consistent basis will wear it down quickly, and eventually it’ll break. Pull-overs on the other hand don’t suffer from the same issue, mainly because they don’t have zips. If you’re buying from a reputable retailer that uses the right materials (like, say for example, HoodBeast, hint hint) then a pullover is going to last for a very long time.

Shia looking like he can live through an apocalypse in this pullover.




How much movement do you average a day? Are you an active athlete, or more of a chilled sloth? If you’re going to the court for a pickup game on a cold day, you might find it preferable to opt for a pull-over. Zip-ups do not provide much ease of movement in more physical situations. On a basketball court for example, restrictive clothing might lead to embarrassing air-balls and errant passes. There’s a reason stars like LeBron complained when the NBA introduced sleeved jerseys. What you wear when you play is important!

Maybe your poor outside shot is down to your fashion choices after all!


The Key to Answering this Debate is You


Here at HoodBeast, we’re not going to tell you what to do. We’d rather just give you the platform to do it. There are various different reasons why one garment might be better for you than the other. Hopefully this post has helped you decide where it is you land in this historic fashion debate, but if it hasn’t, you don’t need to worry. No one will ever accuse you of being indecisive if you decide to go ahead and try one of each. That’s just being smart, after all.

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