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Make Yours a Custom Embroidered Hoodie

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After receiving so many requests from our customers, our team decided to expand our services. Yes, you heard us right. We are now offering t-shirts and hoodies to print-on-demand. You can still use our super easy online customizer tool to get started. 

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Why Embroidery is the Way to Go


There are plenty of websites out there that offer you the chance to customize your own gear, but are you really getting the best bang for your buck? How can you be sure you’re getting the highest quality gear? We're just going to come out and say it - custom hoodies that are printed are nowhere near as nice and official looking as custom embroidered hoodies. HoodBeast isn’t about easy screen printing, or simply slapping a logo on top of a cheap t-shirt. We like to embrace the design choice of embroidery, that means stitching your design just like the big brands do. In this post, we’re going to tell you why you should too.

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HoodBeast is the only custom website to specialize in embroidery that uses user-submitted personalized designs. You won’t find another site like us on the web, which means that you’ll only be rocking the freshest hoodies available. There’s a reason this particular design technique was only available to wealthy designers and big brands. Now we can offer you unique and original styles using our online custom embroidery tool, putting the power of creation and premium design quality in your hands. Use it wisely!




Why confine yourself to printing techniques? The difference in quality between stitched embroidery and printing is pronounced in various different ways. First of all, you’re going to know straight away whether you are looking at an embroidered design, or a printed one. Don’t believe us? Check out the following image:

Iron-ons are lower quality, and do not last as long.


Immediately we can see more time, love and effort has gone into the embroidered design on the left. It stands out clearly; it is vibrant and eye catching. In other words, it’s all the adjectives you’d want to hear for a logo or design. The printing process on the right however, tells a much more depressing story. The design is cracked, and it appears very cheap. Towards the edges you can see it actually peeling off; something that is very common with digitally printed and heat-transfer work. Thankfully, these are not issues that plague embroidered designs. You can be confident in the fact that you are only getting a premium hoodie when you order from HoodBeast, and that’s all down to our dedication to embroidered design.


Good Enough for Elite Brands, Good Enough for You


The simple fact is this: there’s no good reason to sacrifice quality when making custom garments. None of the elite fashion brands based around the world do it, so why should you? Set yourself a higher bar. Whether you are a start-up company, or just somebody who wants to create their own unique sense of style; wouldn’t you rather share the design efforts of brands like Comme des Garcons, Stussy and Stone Island? The same brands worn by hip hop style trail blazers A$AP Rocky, Drake and Travis $cott? We realise that’s a question that needs no answer. That’s why you’re here on HoodBeast after all.

Some of the best brands in the world use embroidery. Why shouldn’t you?


Durability and Backbone


The hoodie’s long history of staying power and grit is the perfect partner for embroidered design. This is because embroidered design is very well known for its ability to last. High tier durability is only something that can be found on a premium product; and a premium product is exactly what embroidery provides. Embroidered work has been known to last so long in fact; that it is considered common for the material it is printed on to wear out before the embroidered design work does. You will be hard pressed to find a better signifier of endurance than that, especially in the world of custom garments and fashion.


Unlimited Design Potential


There is a reason you usually only see white screen prints on clothing. This is because to add more colour takes more time and money. This is not the case with embroidery. You can run wild with colours, and apply the stitching method to a multitude of fabrics. The same cannot be said of many other techniques in garment design. Embroidery is highly versatile and the perfect choice for freedom of design, which results in unique work and fashion statements you can’t replicate anywhere else.  


Professional Machinery for Professional Work


Using premium design techniques like embroidery requires specialised tools for the job. We want you to know that this isn’t just a case of one guy and his sewing machine in a bedroom somewhere outside Reno. This is a completely efficient, professional and above all else, premium work process.


This is the type of embroidery machine we use


We only use the best and most efficient tools when creating our embroidery work, and we are well equipped to provide exceptional and high class designs across a whole range of materials. Embroidery is a fine art that needs the necessary equipment to flourish; and we do not compromise on any level.


There’s Only One Right Choice

Often times in life, you can be fooled into making unnecessary compromises that in the long run only serve to hurt you. In this case, that could be choosing a cheap printed design that unfairly represents your company, or even worse, your own sense of personal style. There are no shortcuts to true class in life, and embroidery is an embodiment of that principle. A design only exists for aesthetic purposes, and embroidery offers a precise and close to the perfect quality that cannot be reproduced using any other techniques. That’s why you owe it to yourself to use embroidery on your next custom garment, and the good news is, you’re in exactly the right place to do it.



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